Chronic Pain

Opioid addiction is running rampant through the United States, ruining countless lives—those of both addicts and their loved ones. But as widespread as opiate addiction is, no one really stops to think about how many of those cases are a direct result of post-operative pain medication. It is not of question that opiates silence pain and enhance the comfort of patients recovering from surgery. However, we rarely stop to examine how effective these pills are in the long run, and if the side effects are worth it. Addiction does not only affect the mind, but a person’s functionality. It can quickly take over an individual’s daily life and occupy thoughts that would naturally be elsewhere.

The University of Colorado, Boulder has put together a study on opiates, considering a hidden consequence and contradiction of their purpose. As mentioned in the results of this study, no drug is more effective for acute pain—but what if post-surgical pain medication prolongs chronic discomfort for months after ceased use? The study was performed on groups of rats, each with a scheduled dosage of opiates, monitored via time lapse from the beginning of use to the weaning off of the medication. The results were surprising, to say the least, and indicate a link between chronic pain and post-surgical opiate use.

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There are other treatments for chronic pain conditions to consider as alternatives to opioids—alternatives with little to no addictive qualities. Ketamine infusions are proven to relieve persistent symptoms for up to six months. While many believe that ketamine is also an addictive substance, that is a common myth. Ketamine is not physically addictive, and, furthermore, ketamine infusions are administrated and monitored by highly trained physicians in a clinical setting. The drug is very rarely prescribed as a take-home medication, minimizing the risk of dependency and abuse. With such viable, effective and non-addictive pain management options so readily available, it is important for everyone to question the use of opiate drugs and the possibility that they are causing patients more harm than good.

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