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Although there are a variety of medications available to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD and other debilitating psychiatric issues, these drugs may not work for every individual. There is a growing body of evidence—both scientific and personal account—that proves ketamine’s efficacy in treating these mental health conditions. Our New Jersey & Greater Philadelphia ketamine clinic believes that ketamine should be considered a primary treatment option for various psychiatric and pain disorders. With a 70% success rate, ketamine repairs neural connections in the brain and enables patients to regain control of their lives. Personal anecdotes and success stories can be very influential when deciding to try a new therapy method—even we were inspired by James and his miraculous story.

James claims he had a happy childhood, overall, though he still suffered from severe anxiety and mood swings from a young age. He found himself dwelling on absurd “what ifs” and could not control his thoughts. Until college, he tried a variety of medications, but no number of pills seemed to seize his episodes. Not only did his disorder pull him away from his work, but also his wife—until he gave ketamine infusions a try. Read more about James and his incredible success story:

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Our southern New Jersey ketamine clinic has seen many amazing stories of recovery that are no short of a miracle. For example, Sheryl, a businesswoman and single mother to two beautiful boys found herself depressed and struggling to hold her job. Depression was taking control of her subconscious, to an extent she could no longer ignore. Not only was she not finding joy in her two children, she almost lost her job due to two “no call, no shows.” Somedays she did not have the motivation or willpower to make it into the office—if she couldn’t find an effective treatment for her depression, the livelihood of her entire family could have been devastated. After trial and error with doctors and pills, Sheryl turned to ketamine—and is now thriving in her workspace and finding immense joy in motherhood.

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James and Sheryl come from different backgrounds, as do we all, but both suffered from psychiatric issues that negatively impacted their own lives, and those of their loved ones. Contact our office today, make a change, and try ketamine infusions. We treat patients in southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area, and have seen many of our patients recover their lives and find joy in living again. Let us help you get on the path towards healing. Contact us for a free consultation with a member of our clinical team.

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