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Imagine a significant reduction in the amount of suicides committed each year in the US due to clinical depression. While ketamine infusions have offered the hope to those suffering from debilitating treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric conditions, it is not an FDA-approved treatment for depression and is thus not covered by many insurance companies. Esketamine, however, an isomer of ketamine being researched and developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, holds the potential solution for just that. Eskatmine was fast-tracked by the FDA, awarded “breakthrough status” as a depression treatment, and since has succeeded in Phases I & II of clinical trials. It would be the first new medication for patients with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) released in 50 years, paving the way for thousands of individuals to get back to living normal, happy and healthy lives.

Now, the positive results seen in Phase III clinical trials for esketamine have put Jannsen Pharmaceuticals one step closer to FDA approval. Phase III was inconclusive about the use of esketamine alone, however the outcome shows that, used concurrently with antidepressants, patients’ depressive symptoms were rapidly reduced. More importantly, the success persisted with a response rate of 70% and a remission rate of 53%. The ultimate goal is to recreate the achievements of ketamine infusions in a more convenient intranasal spray with fewer undesirable side effects.

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The risk-benefit profile associated with Phase III clinical trials provides documentation that will help the drug gain FDA approval. This approval is an important step to getting insurance companies to cover the cost of the medication. Having esketamine readily available in this convenient intranasal spray could potentially save the lives of millions of people—even those who would not otherwise be able to afford it. This is a major barrier with private label ketamine infusions—our New Jersey & greater Philadelphia area ketamine clinic offers the lowest priced ketamine infusions around, but they are still expensive in comparison to treatments covered by medical insurance.

Until esketamine gains FDA approval, the primary treatment for TRD and other forms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric conditions is ketamine infusions, which exhibit powerful & expedited symptom reduction. Ketamine infusions help thousands of individuals whose lives have been disrupted by depression. It helps them get back to their wives, their kids, and their way of life. Call our southern New Jersey and greater Philadelphia area ketamine clinic today and speak with a member of our highly trained clinical staff about whether ketamine treatments are an effective solutions for you or a loved one.

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