Manic Depression

Psychedelic drugs have been used, abused and otherwise experimented with for centuries, but are, for the most part, illegal due to their hallucinogenic side effects and potential for abuse. Among all the drugs in its class, ketamine is the only one that has not only remained legal, but has also been the focus of recent research for the treatment of depression and other mental disorders. The results of ketamine research, such as its ability to repair damaged neural connections and alleviate the symptoms of depression in a matter of minutes, has led researchers to consider our brains function in a whole new light.

Thanks to cutting-edge ketamine developments, other hallucinogenic drugs are being studied to see if they also produce similar positive effects on the brain. Mushrooms, LSD, MDMA and DMT are just a few that have the potential to re-build healthy neural connections. Read more about the potential of psychedelic drugs and the research that is being done

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There is a theory that the dissociative properties of ketamine which are experienced during an infusion directly correlate with its effectiveness in the treatment of depression. For example, the more “in the clouds” you feel, the better your anti-depressive results. However, there are no studies that confirm this theory yet. These side effects are said to produce a sense of self-identity and value, which are sought after by many of those suffering from severe depression and other psychiatric disorders.

Could psychedelics be the next breakthrough depression treatment? Maybe. But ketamine remains the front-runner for the treatment of depression, and carries little risk of abuse because it is administered in a clinical setting under medical supervision. Our ketamine clinic does not provide take-home prescriptions for ketamine, reducing the risk that the drug makes it into the wrong hands. Ketamine infusions are 70% effective at alleviating the symptoms of severe depression, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar disorder—could ketamine change or save your life?

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