Annually in the United States, emergency room physicians treat 141.4 million patients, with 52.2% of those patients primarily complaining about pain. In the past, the go-to pain medications have been opiates, but with the country’s addiction epidemic only worsening year after year, emergency departments have begun to shift focus to other non-opioid pain management solutions.

Most non-opiate therapies are supported by scientific evidence that proves their efficacy. However, other treatment options are still in their infancies. Clinical Pain Advisor describes the innovative ways that emergency room physicians are treating headaches and acute local pain in their recent article, Non-Opioid Therapies for Pain Management in the ED.

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Ketamine is highlighted several times in this article, and other recent studies. The American Academy of Emergency Medicine has announced that ketamine is safe and effective for the treatment of acute pain. To reduce side effects, doctors have taken to administering ketamine slowly, over the course of a 15-minute IV infusion.

Furthermore, for hospitals that have implemented programs dedicated to reducing the administration of opiate pain relievers, ketamine plays an integral role in their toolbox of treatments. In addition to ketamine, doctors are also educating patients about various mind-body approaches that could support their non-opiate pain treatment regimen.

Our southern New Jersey ketamine clinic uses ketamine infusions to treat a variety of psychiatric and pain conditions, though offering an effective alternative to opiates and benzodiazepines is one of our clinic’s core values. We’ve found ketamine infusions to be every bit of the miracle that researchers are presenting them to be, and our patients lives change—oftentimes dramatically—after receiving ketamine treatments.

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