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No nook of our country is exempt from the opiate crisis. Addiction lurks in every corner, affecting people from all walks of life. But while addiction does not discriminate, one particular population seems to have been dealt the losing hand: veterans.

Veterans are commonly prescribed opiates for pain, that is no secret. However, painful pasts lend themselves to depression and PTSD—and prescribed opiates seem to treat those symptoms, too. Unfortunately, this cocktail of uncomfortable feelings and opiates too often results in addiction. And addiction too often results in job loss, poor health, poor quality of life, illness, and—in many situations—death.

One doctor in Tennessee, however, is shaking things up by offering ketamine infusions to veterans who need to detox from opiates. The ketamine infusions enable Dr. Randall Malchow to treat pain while the patient works towards abstinence from opiates. The 50 veterans who completed his series of ketamine infusions—four infusions administered over the course of four days—were effective detoxed from opiates, and their pain was managed for up to one full year! 

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Many may balk at the idea of treating addiction with a drug that can be abused recreationally, but science and research have proven ketamine to be a powerful, fast-acting antidepressant—perhaps the most powerful and effective antidepressant to become available during our generation. 

At RestoratIV Wellness, we are proponents of any treatment that gives people an alternative to opiates. At our ketamine clinic, we treat patients from southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area, helping them relieve chronic pain, reduce depressive symptoms, and otherwise restore their lives to normalcy.

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