Manic Depression

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The media has been doing a great job of presenting us with highly promising statistics about the efficacy of ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of severe depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric disorders, as well as for chronic pain conditions. We know that ketamine infusions improve depressive symptoms in upwards of 70% of patients – an impressive number, especially considering that traditional antidepressants are effective only about 40% of the time. But what the media fails to report on is how ketamine infusions affect the lives of depressed individuals. Buzz words like “wonder drug” and “truly remarkable” are great to hear, but may paint an unrealistic picture of what to expect after starting ketamine infusion therapy.

The effects of ketamine do take place immediately – after only two ketamine infusions you should know whether or not ketamine is an effective depression treatment or pain management option for you. But don’t expect to wake up the day after your ketamine infusions feelings completely cured – ketamine effects are much more subtle than that.

What ketamine infusions do is lift the fog of depression or pain enough that an individual can begin to reengage with life. The major challenge for most severely depressed people is that they are too lethargic to participate in activities that could naturally improve their mental health, for example, leaving the house to see a therapist, exercising, cooking and savoring a nutritious meal, spending time with family, friends and loved ones, etc. Ketamine infusions can change all of that.

In a recent Guardian article, a ketamine patient describes the effects of ketamine infusions by saying, “I can stop and breathe.” She is now able to do things like take her children to school, give them hugs, and meet friends for coffee. Another patient says that, with the help of ketamine infusions, he is able to once again enjoy gardening. His wife says that, after receiving ketamine infusions, she gets her husband back – and what a gift that is! He admits that, when his depression is in full swing, he is unable to do anything but sit on his couch and watch TV. Read more about ketamine patients and how their lives have been subtly but powerfully changed here.

The important message here is that ketamine infusions will kick-start your healing process quite dramatically, but it’s important for you to take advantage of the improvement in your mental health by adding self-care activities back into your routine. If ketamine works for your depression, make sure you get out of the house to enjoy nature, be social, get moving, and see a therapist or counselor. Combined with ketamine infusion therapy, these activities will ensure you maximize the effects of your ketamine infusions and change your life for a long time to come.

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