Manic Depression

Did you know that depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the U.S. today? It affects nearly 16.1 million adults each year, and it is non-discriminatory—anyone could be a candidate for developing depression. One of the biggest issues with depression is that 80% of those who suffer never seek treatment. This may be due to a number of reasons, but none more powerful than the negative stigma that surrounds depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Examples of the misconceptions that many people have about those who suffer from depression are as follows:

• People think that it is just a mental state, and that those suffering can choose to turn it on and off
• Many believe that someone with depression cannot also have successful careers, hold relationships, or fake a smile
• Society makes the individual feel abnormal, like a “normal” person cannot handle their “crazy”

These are only a few ways in which society perpetuates the negative stigma of depression. For us to change these false societal beliefs, we need to spread truths, share our personal experiences, and be open about the impact of this serious mental disorder. As we begin to see change in the way depression is portrayed in the world around us, some celebrities are stepping to the forefront and using their media influence to educate the public and change the stigma.

Justin Bieber, 25-year-old Canadian singer, who is currently being treated for depression has begun sharing his struggle with the world, and asking for prayers. He admits to a rough 2017, involving severe drug abuse, heavy drinking, and other shameful behaviors. Justin hopes that sharing his feelings of disconnect and loneliness will help give his millions of followers someone to relate with.

Ariana Grande, a talented young singer, showed the world that she, too, has fallen victim to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). By posting her brain scans on Instagram, she has shown that the bombing incident at her concert took a toll on her mental health, and understandably so. She also publicly thanked an inspiration of hers, actor and comedian Jim Carrey, for replying to her post about depression. She explained that her depressive symptoms were her mind’s way of asking for a break, specifically from the person she is constantly trying to portray to the world.

Finally, Sophie Turner, famous from her role on Game of Thrones, spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw about her personal struggle with depression. During their conversation, Sophie says her self-doubt and depressive symptoms began when she was 17, due to criticizing comments posted to her social media profiles, coupled with the isolation she felt from her friends who were going off to college. Over time, Sophie found it hard to get out of bed in the morning, leave the house, or enjoy her acting career. Slowly it created an inner, downward spiral of emotions that completely changed her opinion of herself.
Turner wants everyone to know that one of her biggest challenges is learning to love herself again. With the help of her fiancé, medication and therapy, though, Sophie is finally beginning to heal.

There are many more celebrities who struggle with severe symptoms of depression. Depression can affect anyone and everyone, no one is immune. But if we can work together to eliminate the stigma behind depression, we may just save the lives of millions.

RestoratIV Wellness is one of the leading ketamine clinics in the United States, and we see first-hand the challenges a person with depression faces. Ketamine infusions are highly effective for those who have resisted other methods of depression treatment. Our professional staff sees what patients struggle with prior to beginning ketamine infusions. It is dark and painful—but there is always hope.

We ask that those people who have never struggled with depression educate themselves about symptoms, risks, and statistics. Then, help to spread the word to family and friends. On the other hand, if you are currently suffering or recovering from depression, please be brave and share your story! You never know who will read it and how their lives may be positively changed from it.

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