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Search behind treatments for health issues such as clinical depression, anxiety & chronic pain have been piling in over the last decade. And, with no surprise, this has opened up a spectrum of options for individuals who struggle with these debilitating mental and physical problems. About 20% of the United States adult population live with chronic pain. Although opioids remain one of the first-line treatments for this discomfort, many patients simultaneously use cannabis, which is now legal in many states, on top of their prescribed medications, to help curb the pain. Unfortunately, herein lies an issue that researchers are now studying more closely.

All chronic pain patients are at risk for developing addictions to opioids, depressive symptoms and a reduced quality of life, but with co-use of marijuana these risks increase significantly. According a recent study performed by Dr. Humphreys of the University of Sanford and Dr. Rogers of the University of Houston, cannabis does not have any added benefits for reducing symptoms and may only be harming the patients more than helping them.

They believe that the individuals co-using cannabis and opioids are more likely to develop drug abuse problems such as alcoholism, cocaine addictions, and sedative use, in addition to becoming more reliant on the prescribed opioids. Plainly written, “the co-use of substances generally leads to worse outcomes,” says Rogers.

The treatment options for chronic pain, depression and anxiety, as we mentioned above, are expanding. Ketamine infusions are one of those options, along with mental training techniques and talk therapies. Ketamine has been around for a long time, but its potential uses seem to keep broadening. At RestoratIV Wellness, we are one of the leading ketamine clinics in southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area, and we have seen first-hand how quickly and successfully our patients respond to these series of infusions.

Ketamine works by acting on the neurons in the brain, allowing patients to form new and healthy connections to replace the damaged ones. One thing to note is that ketamine treatments are not meant as first-line treatments and work best for those individuals who have tried everything else. Another big advantage to ketamine treatments is that there is little to no chance of addiction, unlike its opioid counterpart. You can get back to a normality of life—a life where your favorite hobbies, loved ones, and careers aren’t sacrificed for pain.

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