NAD+ IV Therapy

Your body will be in better shape and condition if you take proper care of it. Your body is not a machine, but it functions like one. Without the constant attention, adequate care, and maintenance that the machine needs, it won’t work correctly — so does your body. Your body requires nutrients, hydration, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micronutrients, and antioxidants to make you stay and feel healthy. 

Thinking about all these nutrients and everything your body needs, it may seem like an arduous task trying to keep up with the whole process. And this is where IV vitamin therapy comes in. 

IV nutrition is considered a very effective means of giving your body all the nutrients it needs simultaneously without switching between bottles of vitamins and supplements. 

How Do IV Infusions Work?

Vitamin IV therapy and IV infusions are safe and effective means of allowing nutrients and vitamins to be passed intravenously into your bloodstream. When these vitamins are given intravenously, they overpass the digestive system, where many nutrients are absorbed and lost. But with IV vitamin therapy and infusion, nutrients and vitamins can start revitalizing and nourishing your body immediately.

People suffering from digestive complications and irregularities are the ones that will benefit the most from this method. These nutrients and vitamins can easily bypass the digestive system, and you can be sure that no essential vitamins or nutrients are missing in your diet. One thing about food is that you may eat food with all the nutrients and vitamins, but it doesn’t mean that those vitamins and minerals benefit your body to its fullest potential. 

When you take supplements orally, the digestive system absorbs part of the vitamins and minerals before they can get to the rest of the body. IV vitamin therapy helps the body get 99.9% of vitamins and minerals without the digestive system absorbing part of it. The minerals go directly into your bloodstream without interruption as against when the digestive system will drink about 8%. 

What Do People Think About Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy was created especially for people who do not have access to complete vitamins because they can eat well or they’re suffering from an illness that prevents them from eating well and absorbing all the vitamins and nutrients in their body.

At the same time, some medical practitioners think IV vitamin therapy is also beneficial to general wellbeing. IV infusions can do the following:

  • The IV infusion can treat dehydration when the body is dry from too much exercise or alcohol intake
  • Boost the immune system
  • It can reduce fatigue and boost the level of energy
  • Help to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Make the skin healthier
  • Treat hangovers and migraines
  • Treat allergies, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s, heart disease, chronic muscle spasms, asthma, and other diseases
  • Treat tension headaches

When compared to a dietary source of vitamins, IV vitamin therapy or infusion has proven more effective because:

  • The injection can be given to people who have multiple food sensitivities
  • Vitamins and minerals are deposited directly into the bloodstream, impacting cells and mitochondria where they most need

Is IV Injection Therapy Safe?

IV therapy is very beneficial to its users. The body doesn’t seem to have a problem absorbing high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, so there’s minimal risk. However, the method of administration is cause for concern. Since it’s administered intravenously, it means there’ll be a lot of needles and injections. Some of the risks involved can be similar to those interested in drawing blood for a lab test or during IV administration in a hospital procedure.

The process of inserting needles into the body can be dangerous because there’s always a risk of the hand puncturing a vein wall due to its vascular fragility. When this happens(fluid leakage), it causes a slight swelling around the injection site. Also, when the needle is inserted, you may experience a burning sensation around that site, but it will reduce when inserted into another vein.

04 May, 2023

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