Manic Depression

Have you seen addiction tear apart relationships, alter your loved ones emotionally and physically, or personally felt the sting of its controlling grip? Addiction can truly leave people feeling alone, and is proven to cause depression. Did you know that there were about 20.6 million people who suffered from addiction in 2017? And this number has risen steadily, year after year. Surprised?

Addiction and depression are bi-directionally related, meaning that they feed off each other. For example, individuals who suffer from depressive symptoms may resort to alcohol and drugs to lift their spirits, this paving the path towards addiction. Vice versa, those who suffer at the hand of life-changing addiction may fall into a deep depression, especially after the effects of their substances fade. A variety of treatments are available for depression and anxiety, but a few new studies reveal another candidate for the treatment of such mental disorders: ketamine infusions.

Back in 2017, ketamine infusions showed promise as a treatment for cocaine and alcohol addiction. A new study conducted at Yale confirms that ketamine also has the potential to help with depression that is related to substance abuse and addiction. The study tested the effects of the combination of Naltrexone and ketamine to simultaneously and effectively treat both of the complex health disorders mentioned above.

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These studies give hope to individuals who suffer from depression complicated by drug or alcohol abuse. Hope that they can return to their relationships, lives, and goals they once dreamed about. It’s important to note that the above studies are small—not to be overlooked, but more information is needed to truly discover ketamine’s wide range of uses.

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