Manic Depression

The times have changed in the world of depression treatment thanks to the adoption of ketamine for major psychiatric and chronic pain conditions. What was once only used an anesthetic on battlefields and in operating rooms is now helping millions of people overcome major depressive disorder. With depression being the leading cause of disability around the world—over 16 million adults—it is no wonder why this new addition to the medical arsenal has been welcomed by so many.

Suicidality is a major concern for healthcare providers and the loved ones of those who suffer from major depression. However, there are no medications that specifically treat this kind of destructive behavior. Sure, there are antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anti-anxiety medications, but they either only offer minor relief or only work to indirectly affect the underlying condition.

Antidepressants are notorious for taking too long and offering too little. Antipsychotics create a general emotional numbness and patients risk developing a rare but permanent condition called tardive dyskinesia. Anti-anxiety medications are especially effective for short-term panic attacks, but long-term use can lead to dependence with diminishing returns. With all this in mind, how is anyone supposed to overcome their depression and make it out in one piece?

For patients with depression who have not responded to two or more traditional medications, that’s where ketamine comes in. When administered as either an intravenous solution, or a nasal spray, it works its magic through a process called synaptogenesis—a process that is known to affect mood, thought patterns, and even cognition. What is remarkable about the drug is that the benefits of its use come from what the body does after receiving the treatment, not merely from its presence alone. It has been shown to help rebuild old and damaged neural pathways, and make painful memories malleable again. This makes behavior adjustments possible when combined with therapy. Instead of simply depending on a drug to alter the way we feel, we can actually re-learn how to feel, so the benefits of treatment last long after the final dose leaves the system.

Ketamine has proven itself effective for even the most severe cases of treatment-resistant depression, as well as for many types of chronic pain. For those who are suffering, ketamine offers the opportunity to reclaim their life from the monopoly that these conditions have held for so long.

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