Moorestown, NJ, A City Rich In History

Moorestown is a small suburban community located within the jurisdiction of Burlington County in South Jersey. The township is one of the top-rated bedroom communities of the neighboring City of Philadelphia. According to a 2019 population survey, Moorestown is home to approximately 21,000 residents.

Despite being a predominantly residential community, Moorestown is home to a growing industrial base with several major national and international corporations having regional branches in the area. Some of the most notable corporations and businesses with offices in Moorestown include Coca-Cola, Otis Elevator, Destination Maternity, Comcast Cable, Lockheed Martin, and BAYADA Home Health Care.

History has it that the Moorestown Main Street area was originally a Native American settlement occupied by the Lenni Lenape people. Apparently, the Lenni Lenape were drawn to the area by the presence of two freshwater springs that existed in the area at the time. The first white settlers in what became modern-day Moorestown was John and Sarah Roberts who moved to the area in 1682. A few years later, the Rodman brothers purchased large tracts of land immediately west of Chester Township. The area became Rodmantown. There was also a fast-growing village near one of the springs that came to be known as Chestertown.

The First Tavern in Moorestown

Thomas Moore, the Township’s first tavern owner, and realtor moved to the area in 1722. Moore’s 33-acres property became the center of the community, ousting the previously popular Chestertown. The name Moorestown became so popular that it briefly replaced Chester before the two were separated and Moorestown became a Township in 1922. The newly formed township included the original Rodmantown area.

During the American Revolutionary War, Moorestown witnessed little action when a local tavern was taken over by a group of Hessian mercenaries running away from Philadelphia. The tavern which was established by John Cox in 1745 would later serve as the township hall after the war. The tavern maintained its new designation until 1812 when a new township hall was constructed. Towards the mid-18th century, there was a considerably large Quaker population in Moorestown: they were responsible for the construction of the first two schools in the township.

Today, Moorestown, NJ, has evolved into a sophisticated residential community with a fast-growing population and an up-and-coming downtown commercial district. The township boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure, beautiful natural attractions, and a well-established education system. It is home to the famous Villa Collina, a multi-million mansion owned by business mogul Vernon W. Hill II. It is the largest private residence in the State of New Jersey.

The History of Moorestown, NJ

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