famous-people-from-moorestown-new-jerseyFamous People, You Might Know From Moorestown

If you are looking for a good place to live in New Jersey, Moorestown should come at the top of your list of prospective destinations. Previously ranked among the most livable communities in the United States by Money magazine, the township has a charming small-town appeal and is home to some incredible amenities and recreational facilities. Over the years, Moorestown has given rise to some very famous people and continues to attract hundreds of new residents every year. Below is a list of famous son and daughters of Moorestown, NJ and what they are famous for:

Katherine Renee Shindle

Shindle, popularly known as Kate, is a famous theatre actress, musician, and former beauty contestant from Moorestown. She rose to fame in the late ’90s after winning the Miss Illinois beauty contest in 1997 which she followed up with the Miss America title the following year. A native of the city of Toledo in Ohio, she was raised in several different communities before her family finally settled in Moorestown, New Jersey. In 2015, Shindle defeated Nick Wyman to become the president of the Actors’ Equity Association. She currently lives in New York City.

Lauren Schmetterling

Schmetterling is a professional American rower who clinched three gold medals during the 2013, 2014, and 2015 editions of the World Rowing Championships. The Voorhees Township-born star would go on to win another gold medal during the 2016 Summer Olympics, bringing her career total to four gold medals. Schmetterling was raised in Moorestown and is still a proud resident of the township.

Julie Anne Robenhymer

Robenhymer is a critically acclaimed blogger and former Miss New Jersey. A native resident of Moorestown Township, Robenhymer writes for several internationally recognized hockey websites including hockeysverige.se, nhl.com/devils, and hockeybuzz.com.

Victoria Napolitano

Napolitano is an up-and-coming Republican Party politician and a member of the Moorestown Township Council since 2013. Victoria Napolitano has previously served as the mayor of Moorestown and is allegedly the youngest person ever to be elected into the office of the mayor in the entire state of New Jersey. Napolitano has also served a 1-year term as the deputy mayor of Moorestown.

Other famous people who have had the pleasure of living in the beautiful suburb of Moorestown Township include footballer Jon Runyan Jr. who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in early 2020, pop singer Kathy Linden, Wawa Inc. President and CEO Chris Gheysens and College Football Hall of Famer Josh Cody.

Famous people from Moorestown, NJ

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