IV Infusions For Painful Headaches

Migraine pain can be so intense that people feel overwhelmed and unable to perform everyday tasks. People suffering from migraines or cluster headaches are often saddled with disabling pain. These individuals can also suffer from photophobia when light intensifies the pain. Some experience nausea or vomiting due to severe pain. While not life-threatening, migraines can seriously impinge your quality of life.

Sometimes over the counter and prescription pain medications provide little relief. In these situations, there are intravenous medication combinations that can be administered in doctors’ offices that are effective and cost-efficient. In addition to cost-effectiveness, these infusions should also be time effective keeping you, or your loved one, out of the emergency room.

Our headache relief IV infusions can provide fast relief through a blend of medications designed to treat pain, nausea, and inflammation simultaneously. The drugs used in headache infusions target the proteins that initiate the cascade of events that cause migraines. No other treatment can do that. The infusion subdues the overactive nerve endings to calm the irritation that initiates a migraine attack. Once those proteins are blocked, it stops of the cascade of events that result in migraine pain.


This particular infusion contains a combination of medications designed to diminish or even stop a headache once start. The infusion may include Magnesium Sulfate, Lidocaine, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Toradol. It can also include medications for nausea if needed.

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Headache Infusions

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